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Best Photography Gear I’ve Purchased in my 10-Year Career

If I could have back the thousands of dollars I’ve wasted on little things that were supposed to help me become a better photographer, I would be elated. Unfortunately, I think we all get scammed as amateur photographers and even as professionals. Here are the things I keep in my gear bag that I think are the most useful tools for photographers. *I’d appreciate if you use my affiliate links below, as I do get a very small commission from each sale.

PowerPax Battery Holders – I have two to hold AA batteries for my flashes and two to hold AAA batteries for my triggers and receivers. Did you know that it’s a fire hazard to let batteries roll around in your bag? Yeah. Put them in a holder ASAP. My favorite color is the glow-in-the-dark battery case so that I can find them during a wedding reception.


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