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Independence Park Rose Garden Wedding in Charlotte

The Independence Park Rose Garden is one of my favorite places in Charlotte for an intimate wedding. I’m biased because I was married there in 2015. Back then, it was actually a rose garden, and while I appreciate the improvements that were made last year, there are few roses to be found now. In addition, there really should be another arch/pergola at the opposite end of the garden to distract from the house behind it. Either way, once this young garden fills out again, it will be even more of a gem than it is now. One of the reasons I love this spot is because it’s kind of secret. Even the address isn’t really published. The address for the parking lot behind the garden is approximately 1881 Park Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28204 (via Google Maps).

For an intimate dinner after your Independence Rose Garden ceremony, consider nearby Fig Tree as an option.
Independence Park Rose Garden renovation in Charlotte, NCIndependence Park Rose Garden renovation in Charlotte, NC

Simple, white chairs can be arranged in a semi-circle here and the vows can take place up front.
Independence Park Rose Garden wedding Charlotte NCIndependence Park Rose Garden renovation wedding ceremony site Charlotte NC

I picture the bride being dropped off at the garden entrance in the far right of this photo and making her way down the railed walkway through a circle of friends and family seated below.


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