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Uptown Charlotte Intimate Wedding at Midtown Park

I drove by Midtown Park near Uptown Charlotte recently and lines of white chairs sat on the lawn in preparation for an intimate wedding. Although this green space could probably seat hundreds, it is ideal for couples wanting a simple affair. Just outside the lawn, there is a nice view of the city, which you could use for portraits.

Considering this open space has zero shade, except for under the arch, I highly suggest this spot as an early morning or late evening ceremony site. At any other time of day, your guests are likely to melt in the Southern sun, sensitive eyes will squint in photos and unless flash is used, you will have shadows under your eyes. Now, if you can arrange for a cloudy day, then you’re all set!

I really like this spot because the transition from ceremony to reception is easy. Guests can simply walk to one of the nearby restaurants, such as Vivace or Dressler’s for an intimate wedding dinner with views of Uptown Charlotte.

Midtown Park Charlotte NC wedding ceremony siteMidtown Park Charlotte NC wedding ceremonyMidtown Park Charlotte NC wedding ceremony site

If the sun is too harsh, you and your fiance can stand under the arch; however, to keep the light even, it may be best for everyone to stand just in front of it.
Midtown Park Charlotte NC weddingI imagine the bride walking up the grand steps from the greenway to meet her fiance.
Midtown Park Charlotte NC wedding ceremony

Considering the parking lot just behind the marriage arch, I suggest using a tension rod to hang a white privacy curtain and provide for a clean backdrop.

Midtown Park Charlotte NC

Depending on the time of day, shadows from the pergola make for some interesting portraits with an architectural flair.


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