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How Long Does It Take To Get Wedding Photos Back?

You’re on a plane to your honeymoon destination and reliving the most amazing yesterday there ever was. Some friends and family have posted iPhone snaps to Facebook and tagged you. You’re so excited to see any image that brings you back to the best day ever.

And then, the inevitable question comes up: “How long did the photographer say it was going to be before we get our wedding photos back?” You look at each other quizzically…You don’t know. It was probably in the contract, but with everything else going on, you forgot to ask specifically. You wait patiently, a few weeks go by, family and friends start asking to see photos and you get frustrated. I get it. I really do!


Every photographer has a different workflow and it’s important to have this conversation up front so you know what to expect. When you sign your contract and it says you may wait up to 8 weeks for images, that seems manageable, but then after the wedding it seems like an eternity.

Having just been a bride myself, it really put things into perspective for me in a lot of ways. I was able to put myself in my brides’ shoes and be more empathetic all around. I know how busy this time of year is for most photographers and I didn’t pester mine, but inside I was dying to see the images! Luckily, my photographer rocks and he delivered beautiful images in just three weeks’ time (which is really fast)! But, those three weeks were killer! I can’t imagine waiting longer.

Here are a few things to know about wedding photo turnaround time, why it takes so long and how I manage this aspect of my business:

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I hope this post helped you understand the process of delivering wedding images after the wedding! Feel free to comment with any questions you might have.


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