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Bridal Show Mini Series: Part One

bridal show booth for photographers

My very first booth!

 9 Questions Brides Will Ask You at a Wedding Show

I’m not a salesperson by any means, but I have spent a thousands on bridal show booths. What I paid thousands to learn, you get here for free! Here are the top 9 questions brides ask me at a wedding show:

Q: What are your packages?

A: I don’t recommend handing out your package prices, because they could end up in the hands of an undercutting competitor. Instead, print a few full-color, thick paper copies and reference them in front of your bride. If you really want to impress, slide that baby into a leather folio. Don’t want to reveal everything until a one-on-one meeting? Give a starting price and a typical investment in your services.

Q: Do you have a second shooter?

A: If so, talk him/her up and why/how you work well together! If not, say why you work best alone! Whatever your answer, keep it short.

Q: Do you have my date available?

A: Even if you have absolutely nothing on the calendar, bring one that you can “check” when a bride asks.

Q: Do I get the digital files?

A: Whatever you offer, explain why it’s beneficial to her. Examples: “Yes. All of my packages include your digital files because I feel your service is not complete without them” or “Yes. I offer digital files as an add-on to my services so that you can pay less up front and save for the final product.”

Q: Are the digital files edited?

A: Again, state your policy and why it’s beneficial. Examples: “To save you money, I put my signature edit on the images that we put in your album and do basic corrections on the rest” or “Yes. I post-process every file from getting ready through the reception. I don’t feel my work is finished otherwise and you deserve a finished product.”

Q: How many files do we get?

A: Stick with typical numbers and reinforce that those numbers depend on the number of guests, details, length of ceremony, how many people are dancing, etc.

Q: Do you travel and is there a fee?

A: Her idea of “travel” may be an hour away or on the other side of the world. Think about this in advance. Do you really want to book destination weddings? Can you be away from your family for up to three days at a time?

Q: What makes you different?

A: You kind of don’t expect to be asked that because you think your work speaks for itself, but some brides can’t see the difference off the bat. Talk about your approach, your turnaround time, the way you use light, etc. Keep your answer short and don’t build yourself up by tearing down the competition.

Q: Do you shoot same-sex weddings?

A: Know your stance and be polite, no matter your answer. If you don’t feel comfortable, say you’re not available on their date, but wish them the best.

Whew! Don’t forget to practice your answers and make sure your helpers know the answers too! Good luck!


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