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Instax “Polaroid” Wedding Guest Books

I get a giggle every time I see wedding guests these days either struggling to figure out an Instax camera or in complete disbelief that these things still exist. Watching little kids is the best – they’re too young to remember Polaroids, so they’re completely in awe of instant film, the way I was in awe of digital cameras back in the day. Instax wedding guest books are a trend I really like right now. They’re fun for your guests and give you a visual of who was there.

For a little history, Instax cameras are not Polaroids, although we like to call them that. The instant film technology is similar, but the producers are different. Click here to read more about the history of Fuji’s Instax, Polaroid and The Impossible Project. Read below for a list of supplies to make your own Instax wedding album!


Supplies needed:

Instax Mini camera ($50 – $85 depending on version)

At least 10 packs of Instax Mini film ($80 – $100)

An album made for Instax prints or a scrapbook & washi tape ($20)

Several permanent markers (to write on the print tab) and/or Galaxy Markers to write on the scrapbook paper ($10)

Directions – to avoid wasting film, tell your guests how to load it, how to turn on the camera and to make sure the flash is on (with some camera versions you have to manually turn the flash on).

All-in cost: about $200, but priceless!


Other display options:

Framed canvas + thumbtacks

Piece of twine + mini clothespins

Magnetic board + magnet strips

Share your ideas/photos below!


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