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Natural Skin Care for Brides

natural skin care for brides

Happy Sunday! It’s a day to rest & recharge. Take some time today to pamper yourself with natural skin care products. Here are some of my favorites:

+ Rose hips black soap by Shea Terra Organics (supports economic sustainability in Africa)

  • Apply small amount of Rose Hips Black Soap Wash to entire face. Allow to set for 5 minutes. Rinse off. Repeat. This time use the palms of your hands to work away the dead skin as you rinse the wash off.

+ Herb Rich Clay by de la terre skincare (made in Asheville, NC!)

  • Stimulates exfoliation and enhances circulation of blood and lymph, thereby aiding in purification of clogged pores
  • Disinfectant properties help clarify pores, while emulsifying debris within pores.
  • Retextures large pores
  • Diminishes post inflammatory pigmentation
  • Manages excess skin oils, but leaves skin hydrated
  • Enhances natural skin detoxification

+ 100% pure tea tree oil (available online & in stores)

  • Apply 1 drop of Tea Tree Oil to a wet cotton ball. Apply lightly to problem skin to help reduce oil that can lead to blemishes. Remove with water.

I’d love to hear about your favorite natural skin care products! Please post a comment below.


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