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The Wow Factor Cakes Interview With Amy Craparo

Since my intern started, I’ve been thinking of fun projects for her to work on. I gave her an assignment to interview female entrepreneurs/small business owners in the Charlotte area. We truly appreciate these ladies taking the time to sit down with us and answer some interesting questions, especially since they had no idea was we were going to ask! I learned a lot about how Amy got her start and I think she enjoyed talking about it as well. If you don’t know Amy or her business, The Wow Factor Cakes, go check it out and take home some delicious desserts!


Q: What does your business do?

A: We craft custom wedding cakes, specialty cakes, sculpted cakes and desserts such as cake pops, cupcakes, brownies, lemon bars, macaroons and more!

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: 15 years


Q: How did your business get started?

A: I lived in Florida and bought a custom cake business called Sweet Tiers on a whim! I had no background in cake making or business. The seller was a lady that was well established but was getting older and wanted to retire. She taught me the basics over six months, but I have learned even more through the years.

Q: What was your biggest obstacle in business?

A: Self confidence was my biggest challenge because I started out not knowing anything about my own business.


Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment in business?

A: My biggest accomplishment has been changing my own perspective – from wondering, “Can I do it?” to becoming a sought-after custom cake maker.

Q: Have you worked with any famous clients?

A: We’ve made cakes for Madonna, Prince, Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Jay Z, Coldplay, and Emily Maynard, to name a few.


Q: What is your favorite product or service that you offer?

A: I enjoy designing custom cakes the most. We also make custom molds, so we can use fabric samples to reproduce the exact lace on a bride’s dress!

Q: What advice would you give to young female entrepreneurs?

A: My advice is to practice, practice, practice! In order to be good at anything, you have to practice.


Q: What would you like to accomplish in the next year?

A: In the next year, I would like to achieve more of a work-life balance.

Q: What is your definition of success?

A: I feel successful when I am respected for the work that I do and the services we provide.


Q: What brings you the most satisfaction in your business?

A: I feel satisfied when our clients are delighted with our work.

Q: Was there a person that made a big impact in your business?

A: My husband has been the most influential. He has been there through the ups and downs. He’s my rock.

Thanks for letting us interview you, Amy!!

Amy Craparo,

Owner – The Wow Factor Cakes

2400 Park Road, Suite I

Charlotte, NC 28203

phone: (704) 654.0598



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