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Do the Bridal Shoes Matter?

Do the bridal shoes matter? Symbolically, they are special. You may have spent a good bit on them and you want them photographed. I love photographing them too! But, are you sacrificing comfort for style – and is that an issue for you?

Bridal shoes by Angela Nuran L

Some ladies are tough as nails on their wedding day. Heavy dress? No problem. Hair pinned tight? No problem. Haven’t eaten a full meal in weeks? Got this. If it were me, NO WAY. I admire you girls, but that’s just not for me. I’ll be in flats, thank you!

A recent bride had these Angela Nuran shoes that were stunning and supposed to be really comfortable because they’re designed by a ballerina. Guess where those shoes were by the end of the night – not on her feet! It’s not easy putting all your weight on a 4.5″ incline.

So, if you’re a bride stressing over finding the perfect shoe for your photos, you don’t have to! Honestly, no one is going to see them due to the length of your dress. Be comfortable if you want to. It’s your day! But if you’re one of those die hard heel girls, you go girl!


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