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Best Summer Bouquet Flowers for Weddings

Will your Summer wedding bouquet hold up in this heat? You may not have considered this yet. The flowers you want to have in your bridal bouquet were gorgeous at the florist, but will they stay that way throughout your wedding day? If you are working with a knowledgeable florist, it is likely that he or she has asked you whether your wedding will be indoors or out. However, if you are DIYing your bouquets, you may need some advice.

Having shot many weddings, I have seen some beautiful bouquets fade quickly in these high temperatures (at least here in North Carolina). Here are some options you have that will hold up much better than some of the ones I will advise you to avoid.

Vineyard wedding with white hydrangea and blush rose bridal bouquets, photo by Lovely and Light, LLC

+ Calla Lilies – Callas are on the more expensive side, but they tolerate heat very well and retain their moisture well even when out of water. Plus, they’re a timeless and classic choice for bridal bouquets.

+ Orchids – Orchids are also resistant to moisture loss and heat. These flowers are unique and can provide a tropical feel for beach weddings.

+ Roses – While roses tend to open up in warm conditions, they are pretty hardy throughout a wedding day. With thousands of varieties and colors to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with classic roses. Plus, if you are DIYing your bouquets, you know fresh roses will be readily available almost anywhere just before your wedding day.


Now, for flowers which are much less reliable in the heat…

+ Gardenias – Although fragrant and one of my favorite flowers, Gardenias brown easily from contact. No bride wants a brown bouquet!

+ Hydrangeas – Hydrangeas are SUPER sensitive to heat and lack of water. If taken out only for photos and put right back in water, they can hold up ok, but I’ve seen some start to wilt before the ceremony and look terrible in photos. If you must have Hydrangeas, I advise you to stick to indoor arrangements during the summer.

+ Gerbera Daisies – Though Gerbera Daisies are bold in color and appear to have hardy stems, they actually wilt easily in heat. Again, I advise to leave those inside choose another flower for your bouquets.

+ Tulips – Tulips are another heat-sensitive flower. They’ll end up looking more like a willow tree than a bouquet!


So, there you have it! My list of recommended and not recommended flowers for your wedding bouquets.

Happy picking!


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