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Bridal Showcase August 2013

We survived!

Last Sunday, with the help of my fabulous mother and my friend Lindsay, we rocked my very first bridal show booth! I worked on this booth and everything that went into it for well over a month.

I dreamt about it.

I even spent the better part of my week’s vacation making over 500 hair ties to give out to brides.

I could hardly speak or move afterward, but I am elated that I was able to connect with so many wonderful ladies! I can’t wait to photograph their 2014/2015 weddings!

  • Moira - Great stand! I have my first event coming up and wondered what you have printed the pictures on – are they lightweight to hang?

    Many thanks in advance, moiraReplyCancel

    • Hayley - Hi Moira!

      The photos that are on small easels are mounted on styrene by my lab. They are relatively lightweight, but probably too heavy to hang from the standard pipes that bridal shows supply you with. The square prints that I hung were glued to mat board that I purchased at a craft store and cut to size. I couldn’t find any pre-cut mats with a 5×5 square opening. If you can find them, I’d suggest pre-cut. Then, I used art clips to hang them from twine. Those prints were pretty lightweight. I just had to pull the twine taught and duct tape them to make sure they didn’t slide down the pipe.

      Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Meghan - Hello!! This is seriously beautiful. Quick question, how did you make the pink curtain? I’ve thrown around ideas on how to accomplish this, but not loved any of them. It looks like it’s attached to the bridal show’s frame? Any information would be helpful! Also, your work is beautiful 🙂


    • Hayley - Hi Meghan!

      First, I overthink things and try to reinvent the wheel every time I do a show! Don’t do that to yourself!

      What I did was scour fabric stores and finally found this heavy, matte fabric on clearance. I bought several yards and had a friend sew the bottoms, sides and top into a curtain. What we didn’t account for was that the holes at the top needed to be larger. The rental company gave me the width of the pole, but not the circumference, which is wider. So, I had curtains made for both walls of the booth, but only one was wide enough – so sad.

      I rented a heavy duty pipe and legs for the show and I’m so glad I did. The ones they supply you with cannot hold the weight of anything extra; plus, you have someone on the other side of your booth, so you can’t replace the drape that comes with the booth since it’s shared. This was my first show ever and if I had it to do again, I’d buy a ready-made backdrop or some really long curtains from Ikea and maybe dye them with Rit dye. Good luck!


  • Emily - Your sign is beautiful! I am trying to figure out a light weight sign for a bridal show our salon is doing in January. Could you educate me on your sign please?ReplyCancel

    • Hayley - This sign was a piece of really thin plywood from Home Depot, drilled by them and stained grey by me. It looks lightweight, but since it was 8 feet long, it was actually a little heavy.

      Another option I’ve used is having a sign printed on foam board by a professional printer. It was more expensive (about $100 for a 5-ft sign) and delicate, but with metal art clips, I could easily hang it from the pipe provided.

      Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

  • Bethaney - Hello,
    I love your booth! Where did you get the hair ties from? What an amazing idea!

    Thank you,

  • Candace Decker - Just want to say your booth is beautiful! And you’ve answered all of my questions in the previous comments. Thank you so much for the inspo!!ReplyCancel

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